About us


SEMC Solutions, a leading trendsetter in the Construction Industry known for our services in providing innovative smart solutions in the following verticals:

Manufacturing: Steel/Metal Doors, Windows, Frames and Structures. Supplies: Lightweight Aerated Concrete Blocks(AAC), Plastering Mix Solutions, Imported Steel Doors. Building Services - Elevator Shaft Solutions. Security Services - Parking & Security systems.

At SEMC, we bring in 40+ years of combined experience in the most relevant spheres of the construction and infrastructure industry.

Our clients identify and distinguish us with certain qualities woven around the generally perceived business ethics that we exhibit in our practice day in and day out! We are proud to have worked with prestigious clients whose trust in us is strengthening our business day by day. We strive to ensure your imagination is brought to reality on time!

We are delighted to associate and address your needs with our proven expertise. Our time-bound services will bring us together to shape a smarter tomorrow…+